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Everyday Folding Table
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Walnut Frame with Signed Erik Riley Print
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Everyday Coffee Table
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Oak/Walnut Farmhouse Stool
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Thanks to the kindness and support of countless people, I am ready to make the next step in my career as a designer and woodworker.

I am ready to move out of my garage, and start building furniture. I'm ready to add a second member to my team.

I'm ready to give the good news to the the many stores and magazines (like Dwell) who have asked me to let them know as soon as this project gets funded.

Although this growth is serious and terrifying, I could not be more excited about it.

But I need your help to make this happen. 

This campaign will give me the kickstart I need to grow. 

I need your support, and I need your help getting the word out.

thank you for everything. 

+ Collin